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What should I expect from this training?

  • Save Money

    Knowledge is a priceless commodity and in this case a money saver! Also once you learn it there is  no going back its yours forever!

  • Increase your confidence

    With your newly found skills you will be able to approach every job with a solid understanding of all the steps needed to to turn your project into a skilled work of art.

Learn how to work safely

  • Safety must come first

    Electricity can be both a deadly and destructive force if not handled properly and responsibly. I go to great lengths to teach you all about electrical safety and how to implement it in every single job you perform.

  • Learn some basic code

    Every new skill you learn will be accompanied by the NEC requirements that is associated with that skill.

All the videos are recorded in full HD

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Check out some of the sections that are covered in the course just to name a few.

  • • What is the NEC?
  • • Basic code for residential installations
  • • Using the Digital multimeter
  • • Romex code requirements
  • • Basic ac theory for homeowners
  • • Using an electrical tester safely
  • • Wire ampacitys
  • • Installing a 3 way switch
  • • Installing a 4 way switch
  • • Installing a GFCI

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